Attempted Break ins solved, charges pending

By Jonni Joyce

The recent attempted break ins at Bros on Highway 18 and Martin Drug, as well as the damage to the doors of the old True Value building on Main Street, have been solved and charges are pending.

According to State’s Attorney Sarah Harris, Martin Police Chief Doug Lucero submitted a complete file to her office by noon on Thursday, October 5, that provided the details and evidence needed to support the charging of a local juvenile for the crimes.

“It was a very good report,” said Harris.

According to Harris, it was the actions of Chief Lucero that prevented the suspect from entering Bros in the early morning hours of Monday, October 2.

“The Police Chief stopped the break in from happening,” said Harris.

Harris advised that Chief Lucero actually saw the suspect trying to gain entry into Bros and the suspect ran from the scene. The Chief called for another officer and they searched the area, but were unable to locate the juvenile.

Lucero was notified of damage to the True Value doors by a city officer as they were looking through Martin for the suspect. It was later that the damage to Martin Drug was found.

According to Harris, Lucero, who was in charge of the investigation secured video footage from several locations in Martin and was able to identify the juvenile in the footage. Harris will be pursuing a juvenile petition for the juvenile and summons are expected to be issued in the case.

“Jurisdictional issues in Bennett County make it more difficult for law enforcement to pursue and make arrests,” said Harris. “Jurisdictional issues might delay service in this case.”

The Bros attempted break in happened a little after midnight Monday morning and the completed case report was in the State’s Attorney’s office less than 72 hours later.

Harris praised the police department for their efforts in the case.

“They were all over this,” said Harris.

The damage to the businesses on Main Street has been repaired but is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. Restitution can be ordered in a juvenile case but sometimes can be difficult to recover.

According to Harris the victims in this case could also initiate a civil suit against the parents of the juvenile for the damages.

Juvenile cases are heard in a closed courtroom. However, the victims of juvenile offenders can be present during the hearing unless specifically excluded by the judge.

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