Poor voter turnout for 2022 Primary Election

The 2022 Primary Election was held Tuesday, June 7. Despite the hype of an election, there was a poor voter turnout in not only Bennett County, but state wide as well. The State of South Dakota had a 32.09% turnout while Bennett County had a mere 26.31%

Statewide Governor Kristi Noem kept the votes winning 76% to Steven Haugaard’s 24%. Noem received 91,636 votes and Haugaard earned 28,310.

Senator John Thune will serve for another six years winning 85,595 votes, Bruce Whalen earned 24,061 and Mark Mowry picked up 8,826 votes.

Dusty Johnson defeated Taffy Howard 70,715 votes to 48,628.

South Dakota voted “no” to Constitutional Amendment C 122,388 voting against the amendment and 59,111 voting for it.

In Bennett County the top race to look at was picking three county commissioner elects to move onto the general election in November. Those moving forward are Blu Donovan, Bill Livermont and Bob Ceplecha.

Votes were reported as such:

Cole Blu Donovan, 278 votes

Bill Livermont, 244 votes

Robert Ceplecha, 156 votes

Rod Kirk, 125 votes

Judd Schomp, 86 votes

Bennett County’s results for state races were:

United States Senator:

John Thune, 249 votes

Bruce Whalen, 75 votes

Mark Mowry, 21 votes

United States Representative:

Taffy Howard, 188 votes

Dusty Johnson, 156 votes

South Dakota Governor:

Kristi Noem, 315

Steven Haugaard, 41 votes

Constitutional Amendment C:

No, 296 votes

Yes, 169 votes

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