Plant sunflowers now to enjoy their beauty in August

By Mandy Scherer

Plant your sunflowers now to enjoy their beauty in August! Why do you ask? Revitalizing Our Community has been busy working on small projects to move forward with revitalizing our community. The weeks of planning are now coming together and one project we are moving forward with is Branding Our Community to create a wider presence.

Did you know that Bennett County is ranked sixth in the nation in sunflower production? That is amazing.

Sunflowers symbolize happiness, optimism, peace and longevity.

Planting sunflowers is something simple we can all do to improve appearance and create a sense of community unity. We can all do simple things like painting empty windows, sunflower metal art, the list can go on and on. Use your imagination.

Sunflower seeds have been donated for anyone wanting to plant and can be picked up at the Bennett County Booster after Monday, June 13.

The group would like to work toward “Sunflower Days” eventually to possibly be held in conjunction with the Bennett County Fair.

For now let’s all pitch in and plant a sunflower or two or more

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