Commissioners sign first 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County resolution in South Dakota

By Taylor Risse

At the February 17, Bennett County Commissioner meeting a milestone was reached when the Commissioners signed the first resolution in South Dakota making Bennett County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.

The resolution states that the Bennett County Board of County Commissioners strongly supports the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and Article 6, Section 24 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota and that the Board strongly believes that it is the right of the citizens of Bennett County to keep and bear arms for the defense of life, liberty and property.”

In highway business executive session was entered to discuss personnel.

After the meeting resumed, the board decided to stay with the motion made at the last meeting to deny the bill turned in by Jerald Lyon for culvert expenses.

No sealed bids were received for the 2000 Ford F-250.

Wade Iszler with RDO presented the board with two quotes for a 2021 motor grader. One quote presented was just for the motor grader and the other quote included a wing and a ripper.

Iszler also provided a comparison sheet for the 250 and 300 model excavators discussed at the last meeting.

The board thanked Iszler for coming and said they would need time to mull over the proposals and would get back to him.

During public comment, Steve Livermont was present to bring to the board’s attention, the lack of morale at the highway shop. Livermont urged the board to step carefully while making highway decisions as the morale at the shop is very low. Livermont suggested the board go to the shop and listen to the crew and hash out whatever issues there are.

When discussing the gravel bid sheets, Commissioner Judd Schomp stated he didn’t have the sheet compiled and was unsure of what the state wanted the list to be.

Commissioner Dave Bakley suggested making the sheet as generic as possible and once it is done, it sets the prices for the year, makes it known, and the state is satisfied.

The February 3 minutes were approved with no changes.

Resolution #1-2021 Wildlife Fire Division Designee discussed at the last meeting was approved. The board approved designating the Martin Volunteer Fire Chief.

The Agtegra agreement was approved. This is an annual agreement signed allowing Agtegra Cooperative to land aircraft on Bennett County roads if need be.

Claims were approved as presented.

Auditor Angie Hicks presented the board with a copy of the 2020 Annual Report.

A COVID Vaccine Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the county, City of Martin, Bennett County Hospital and Nursing Home, Horizon Health Care and American Legion Post #240 and approved.

County Assessor Jeff Siscoe asked the board what their thoughts were on selling the county’s Geographic Information System information. Siscoe informed the board he has companies interested in buying the parcel layer which includes people’s names and addresses of who owns what parcel of land. The onX hunting app is an example of a company that would be interested in the information.

After discussion prices were set at $100 per year for an excel version of the assessment data.

The parcel layer will be sold for $2,500.

The address layer will be sold for $10,000 and the road center line data will be sold for $2,500.

Siscoe also came to the board on behalf of the Martin Volunteer Fire Department who received a 50/50 grant for a new digital sign. A stipulation with the grant is the county has to own the sign and pay the cost of $10,000 up front. Martin VFD will pay the county back the $5,000 and FEMA will reimburse for the other $5,000.

The VFD also asked the sign go on the county’s insurance since they are the technical owners and everything was approved.

Siscoe will work on drawing up an agreement between the county and the fire department.

In new and old business Bakley asked how many pickups the road department has that run? It was speculated that there are four pickups.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be March 3 at 9:30 a.m. in the courtroom.

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