Council discusses sharing cost of transportation fees

By Marj Oleske

The City of Martin has applied for a Housing in Kind Grant through the Bush Foundation, as requested by Kim Clausen of Wild Horse Butte Community Development. The grant must be applied for by a tax exempt organization, and fits in with the Home Address services currently being pursued by Clausen. The Council was approached by Clausen at its regular meeting held Wednesday, February 13.

Also addressing the Council was Rolfe Kraft and Denny Gregg, representing the Bennett County Commissioners. Discussion was held concerning the cost and responsibilities of transporting arrested individuals. All parties agreed that the issue of reducing crime in the area is vital, and are in agreement that the costs need to be shared. The details of how to divide those costs remains a concern for both the Council and County Commission. Further discussion to resolve the issue will be held.

In other matters concerning law enforcement, the Council was informed of Officer Dittmeir’s resignation. Also, the continued matter of parental duty regarding violation of curfew was discussed with the Council by City Attorney Sara Frankenstein. In order to shift the responsibility to the offending parent, officers will give written notice to parents of minors in violation of curfew rules. On successive violations, it will be proven to the court that the parents were aware of their children not being at home, and will be further evidence of guilt.

Gary Rayhill visited with the Council concerning the Martin Trap Range, and the possibility of having the stray lead shot removed from the land. Rayhill was contacted by a person who was interested in using a special machine to sift the lead shot out of the dirt. A percentage of the income from the value of the lead recovered would be given to the city. The land would also be reseeded and covered with straw to prevent any damage to the property. Rayhill will present a final contact to the Council at the next meeting for approval.

It was brought to the attention of the Council that some residents of Martin are living in campers and mobile homes with no access to water and sewer services. Since it is a requirement to have such services at a residence for health issues, the owners of the campers will be notified of their options.

A listing of the members of the Martin Fire Department was given to the Council members. For insurance coverage, it is required to have each active volunteer listed on the roster.

Necessary repairs to the slide at the City Park was discussed. It is estimated that a total of over $4,000 would be required to properly repair the slide equipment. The issue was tabled for action at the next meeting.

In final action, Street Department Manager Paul Noel presented a policy on Confined Space Entry to the Council. The policy, which provides steps to be taken to insure safety when entering confined spaces, was approved.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be Wednesday, March 13, at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

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