Parents urged to be accountable for minor children

Martin’s City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, January 9, with Chuck Gotheridge and Shirley McCue being absent. Others in attendance were City Attorney Sara Frankenstein, Chief of Police Julio Medeiros and City Street Manager Paul Noel.

Medeiros brought the status of the current curfew laws to the attention of the Council. At the current time, parents are being ticketed after their first warning. Holding parents accountable for the whereabouts of their minor children and deterrence of crime are the departments’ goals for curfew compliance.

Also discussed was the high incidence of youth involved with ingesting substances known as huffing. Mayor Kocer concurred, noting the high numbers of incidents seen at Martin Addiction Recovery Center. Parents are urged to be aware of the dangers and the signs of abuse.

The police department is also working to coordinate crisis efforts in coordination with the local schools. Training and education of the department members on the school’s emergency plans will be implemented.

Attorney Frankenstein and Medeiros discussed with the Council the legal possibilities of assessing transportation costs to persons being arrested. The legalities of such charges will be investigated.

Frankenstein also informed the Council on the progress of the cleanup of the former Justus building. She reported that the County is in the process of taking the tax deed. Avenues of assistance for permanent cleanup are being explored.

Paul Noel reported to the Council on several maintenance items. The generator which was previously approved is no longer in stock, but a similar, less expensive model was approved for purchase. The City’s Bobcat snowplow attachment will be declared surplus, as it is no longer being used. The appraisal and bid process will begin. A city truck fender which was damaged in a previous snowstorms will be repaired without being turned in for an insurance claim.

Pawn licenses were approved with a standard $10 fee for Chet’s Pawn, The Broken Boot and H&H Bar.

The next regular session of the City Council will be held February 13, at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

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