Proceedings: BC Commissioners 2-20-20



Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Thursday, February 20, 2020. The meeting was held in the Courtroom.

Commissioners present: Judd Schomp, Jeff Slattery, Rod Kirk, Rolf Kraft, and Wayne Bond

Others present: Angie Hicks, Bennett County Auditor; Paul Williams, Bennett County Sheriff; Jason Erwin, Bennett County Chief Deputy; Kevin Curtis, Bennett County Deputy; Stuart Bucholz, Bennett County Transport Officer; Terry Smokov, Highway Superintendent; Jeff Siscoe, Bennett County Emergency and Disaster Manager; Jolene Donovan, Bennett County Treasurer; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Sarah Harris, States Attorney, and Area Residents: Jason Fanning, Leroy Guptill, Tony Waters, Mike Harris, Joe Walker, Bob Ceplecha, and Jay Yohner.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Jeff Slattery.

Approve January 8th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

There was a motion made by Judd Schomp to approve the minutes from the February 5th regular meeting and the February 7th special meeting. Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

Terry Smokov, Highway Superintendent, reported to the Board about building up Bauman Road along with working on some equipment in the shop. There was some discussion held on the CAT machines. Butler picked up #906 for some work to be done. There was some discussion about oil samples on the machines. Commissioner Schomp wants to invite Jerry Heiser from Butler Machinery to the next meeting. 

Mr. Smokov stated he has gotten calls about 293rd Street with water getting deeper and going to lose an approach. Joe Walker, Area Resident, stated they need to build up existing road and maybe put in an auto-gate. There was further discussion about 293rd Street East of Tuthill. Mr. Smokov stated that East of 234th Avenue needs built up as well, because the water is also rising there. 

Highway Department Computer

Auditor Hicks presented a quote for a new computer for the Highway Department since it has not been updated since at least 2013. There was some discussion about the installation cost through Ultra – Connecting Point. Rod Kirk made the motion to approve the Connecting Point quote of $2,957.00 for the Highway Department. Judd Schomp seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

2017/2018 Legislative Audit Closing

Auditor Hicks called Al Shaefer, Legislative Auditor, for the 2017/2018 audit closing. Mr. Shaefer explained the audit findings to the Board. The only written comment was being over the 40% allowed at the end of 2018. There was some discussion about the audit findings. Rolf Kraft made the motion to approve the audit and have a letter wrote up by Auditor Hicks and submit it to Mr. Shaefer. Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Resolution # 1-2020 National Flood Insurance Program/Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Auditor Hicks called Ron Brandriet, Area Landowner, for his input on the National Flood Insurance Program. Mr. Brandriet expressed his opinion in favor of this program. Jeff Siscoe, Emergency Manager, explained to the Board some more information on this program. Mike Harris, Area Resident, has also tried to get flood insurance, and is not allowed through his insurance agent. Commissioner Kirk is concerned about it forcing everyone to get the insurance if they act on this program. Commissioner Bond shared the same concern as Commissioner Kirk. There was further discussion on this program with area residents. It was decided to table until someone can come to inform the Board and residents further on this issue at the next meeting.

Economic Development

Jay Yohner, Area Resident, approached the Board about the economic development program, and is wanting a letter of support from the Commissioners along with participation. Mr. Yohner informed the Board on the benefits of the program. Judd Schomp made the motion to write a letter of support on behalf of the Commissioners. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Law Department Policy

Paul Williams, Bennett County Sheriff, informed the Board that people have expressed their interest in combining the City Police Department and the Bennett County Sheriffs’ Office into one County Wide Law Department. Upon further discussion, it was decided to get the City and County Law Boards together to discuss this issue. Sheriff Williams thought of having the public write letters to the Bennett County Booster Editor for their opinions on this matter. Sheriff Williams reported on the Camera system in the Sheriffs’ Office, and using the Holding Facility to hold 24/7 violators. The Board expressed their concerns on all the overtime for Sheriffs’ Office employees. There were issues brought up about trying to schedule them better and not needing all Sheriffs’ Office employees at the Commissioners’ Meetings. Sheriff Williams stated they are working on cameras, and short a 24/7 Clerk along with transports. There are currently 13 prisoners in Winner Jail. There was some discussion about the Courthouse Camera system.

Wage Increases

Sarah Harris brought up the fact that Mary Kay Sell has been here for 5 years and goes above and beyond for the entire Community and only makes $11.25 an hour. Commissioner Bond made a motion to increase her pay to $15.00 hourly, but it died for lack of second. Commissioner Kirk made a motion to pay Mary Kay Sell $13.00 hourly effective 2/17/2020. Judd Schomp seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

There was some discussion about revisiting the $23.08 per pay period for not taking health insurance at the next meeting.

Auditor Hicks explained to the Board that Linay Little Eagle, Deputy Auditor, did not get the $0.50 per hour raise on January 1st, due to being on her probationary period, and now she is off the probationary period. Rolf Kraft made the motion to approve Linay Little Eagle at $10.25 hourly effective 2/12/2020. Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Personnel Policy Manual

There was some discussion about the Personnel Policy and it was determined to table this issue until the next meeting and go section by section to approve it.


There was discussion about a Butler Machinery bill for $8,594.45, and it was decided to hold off on paying this bill. Wayne Bond made a motion to pay claims except Butler Machinery for $8,549.45, subject to delinquent taxes. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

General 101: (miles and meals included) January 2020 Payroll: Commissioners, $2,125.00; Auditor, $4,198.05; Treasurer, $3,727.92; States Attorney, $6,978.16; Gov. Bldg, $645.99; Director of Equalization, $2,220.54; Register of Deeds, $2,681.92; Veteran’s Service Officer, $771.00; Sheriff, $3,453.54; Jail, $2,002.39; County Wide Law, $7,892.75; Community Action, $1,583.70; WIC, $378.88; Extension, $1,601.73; Coroner, $0.00; Election, $0.00.

Highway, 201: $19,950.42

Emergency & Disaster, 226: $1,468.00

24/7 Program, 248: $1,399.07

Security First Bank, Employer’s share of OASI: $4,724.60

Bennett County Medical & Retirement: $12,064.85

A & B Welding Supply Co Inc, $206.95, Welding Supplies; AT&T, $339.32, Jan Billing; Audra Hill Consulting, $106.98, Mental Illness Review X 2; Avera Health Plans, $8,691.06, February Billing; Barcodes Inc. LLC, $214.66, Rod Labels; Bennett County Booster, $467.39, January Statement; Bennett Co Hospital And NH, $230.00, January Billing; BC School Dist #3-1, $175,004.19, January 2020 Apportionment; BC School Dist #3-1, $20,000.00, 2020 Library Lease Agreement; Bennett County Treasurer, $927.09, Biz Now Card Purchases; Bennett County Treasurer, $426.86, Partial Payment - Taxes; Bennett County Treasurer, $475.25, Advance Taxes; Beck Motors, Inc, $30,729.00, 2020 Silverado Patrol Pickup; Bennett Transportation, $2,450.00, Trucking; Bob’s Gas Service, $1,381.00, January Billing; Brosz Engineering, $3,885.00, Survey And Design; Stuart Bucholz, $24.00, Juv Travel/Meal Reimbursement; Byron Nogelmeier, $280.00, Quarterly State Fees; Aisha Carr, $84.07, February Billing; Centurylink, $130.15, February Billing; City Of Martin, $125.31, February Billing; City Of Martin, $17,319.58, January 2020 Apportionment; Cole Pest Control, $140.00, December/January Billing; Connecting Point, $360.00, January Statement; Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, LLC, $656.20, 2020 Subscription; Corporate Warehouse Supply, $459.85, Copier Toner; Correctional Risk Services, $220.88, February Billing; Culligan Water Conditioning, $50.00, February Statement; Kevin Curtis, $51.30, Reimbursement -Jail Equipment; Dakota Law Firm, Prof, LLC, $811.00, CAA Fees X 1; G E Associates, $259.05, Repairs; The General Store, $245.96, Repair & Supply; Godfrey Brake Service, $102.53, Repairs; Golden West Companies, $1,494.10, February Bills; Great Western Tire Inc., $516.00, January Statement; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC, $133.00, February Billing; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC, $45.00, January Billing; Hanson Oil Co., $1,890.00, Oil; Hughes County Finance Office, $3,835.00, Juvenile Detention X 1; Jeff Siscoe, $131.60, Mileage &Travel Reimbursement; John Deere Financial, $1,708.08, Repairs And Labor; Kieffer Sanitation, $132.00, Garbage Utility; Kimball-Midwest, $1,958.03, Shop Supplies; Sharon Koenig, $1,200.00, Portable Air Compressor/Tools; Konica Minolta Premier Finance, $243.48, February Billing; Krogman Law Office, PLLC, $270.00, January CAA Fees X1; Lacreek Electric Assoc., $4,389.77, February Billing; Amanda Lacroix, $1,150.10, CAA Fees X2 / Mental Illness; Lacroixs True Value, $233.41, January Statement; Lincoln County Treasurer, $517.32, Mental Illness Eval X 2; Little Falls Machine, Inc, $914.53, Repairs And Supplies; Mid-American Research Chemical, $289.03, Cleaning Supplies; Martin Auto Parts II, Inc., $3,483.72, January Billing; Medline Industries Inc., $203.12, January Statement; MGIA Dakotas Chapter, $301.78, Registration Fees; Midcontinent Testing Lab, $306.00, Oil Analyisis Kits; Office Products Center, $12.39, January Statement; Parr Law Pc, $2,442.20, CAA Fees X2; PCS Mobile, $3,607.12, Inv-0000060644; Pennington Co. Jail, $503.13, January Transport Billing; Pennington County Sheriff, $290.00, Juvenile Billing X 1; Philip Motor Inc, $1,215.75, January Statement; Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, $612.50, January Billing; Rosane Cement Products, Inc, $510.21, South Entry Repair; Salomon Sanitation, $120.00, February Billing; SD Department Of Health, $380.00, January Billing; SD Dept. Of Revenue, $54,321.35, January Transmittal; SDACHS, $275.00, Association Dues; SDACO, $48.00, January Billing; Secretary Of State, $7.00, Pistol Permit - M. Risse; Servall, $254.92, February Statement; Sirennet.Com, $3,862.11, 2020 Silverado Equipment; Sod’s Mechanical Contracting, $196.04, HVAC Repair; Southern Plains Behavior Healt, $480.00, Invoice 13454; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Snow Removal; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Snow Removal; State 4-H Office - Judging, $29.00, 4-H Judging Cards; State Of SD Treasurer, $243.94, Overpayment Reimbursement; Elton Three Stars, $20.00, Snow Removal; Transource, $356.18, Repairs; Valentine Office Supply, $599.23, January Statements; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc, $1,398.97, January Billing; Susan Williams, $120.00, Auditor Assistance; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, $260.65, January Billing; Winner Police Department, $19,469.15, January Billing; Winner Reg Em Serv Comm Center, $6,624.80, 911 Sept - Nov 2019

New and Old Business

Commissioner Bond handed Auditor Hicks a letter to read aloud, it was Commissioner Bond’s letter of retirement from Bennett County Commissioners. Also, in his letter he recommends Jason Fanning as a replacement, and Jason Fanning is willing to accept if that is the Bennett County Commissioners’ decision. Judd Schomp made the motion to accept Wayne Bonds retirement from the Bennett County Commissioners. Rolf Kraft seconded.

Voted Aye: Jeff Slattery, Rod Kirk, Judd Schomp, Rolf Kraft.

Abstained: Wayne Bond.

Motion carried.

Sheriff Williams explained to the Board where the new door would go, and that it gives the attorneys a place to visit with their clients. Rod Kirk made a motion to accept Yohner Inc.’s quote for installation of a new door in the Sheriffs’ Office area for $450.00. Judd Schomp seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Auditor Hicks presented the Board with quotes from Kratovil Electric. The Board would like Chad Kratovil to come in to the next meeting. 

There was discussion about Eldrin Grinnell waxing the Courthouse floors, along with someone needing community service hours to assist him with the floors, and that it would have to be done either in the evenings or weekends. The Board agreed with that request.

Auditor Hicks informed the Board that Governor Noem granted administrative Leave for April 10th and 13th for Easter, therefore the Courthouse will be closed those two days. 


There being no further business to be brought before the Board, Rolf Kraft made the motion to adjourn with a second by Rod Kirk.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Board Of Bennett County Commission

Jeff Slattery, Chairman


Angela Hicks, Auditor

The next Commissioners Meeting Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at 9:30 am in the Courthouse.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $154.35

Published: March, 4 2020

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